Very central B&B with half the house now a 2 bed-roomed self-catering option.

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Alastair Sawday's 'Special Places to Stay' says I have the “warmest smile, the twinkliest eyes, an artistic temperament – “ I wouldn't go that far, though flattered, well I am a soprano with the Wexford Festival Singers since 1999 & we perform about 2 major works a year including during the world famous Wexford Opera Festival.

The house  GPS Co-ordinates

52°20'18.1"N 6°28'06.4"W

This modest 1920s townhouse gifted by mammy was inherited from my Charlestown Co.Mayo grand-aunt Anne McKeown (nee McIntyre), I think she would be proud of the refurbishment and happy to see the life I have carved out for myself.

Harry also from her hometown in Mayo was a social worker.

She had a stint in the USA in the 20's and I did find Cunard Line mementos in her metal trunk in the attic. She loved to sing the Ella Fitzgerald repertoire, I admire her taste and use some of her furniture, still in good condition. A beveled mirror greets you inside the hall door; that was a gift from my grandfather, these things & a photo of Anne & Harry taken at the front door remind me I am merely a custodian of this sweet little house.

The B&B Guests started with the Ruggero Leoncavallo production of La bohéme in 1994 the director Reto Nickler & Russell Craig the designer. It has been an enriching experience for me to get a feel for the lining of the productions ever since then.

Other local company employees have stayed eg.ABS pumps to begin with, lastly Eishtec and all sorts in between like Cocacola, Zurich, Danone, Glan Bia, Waters Technology, but to name a few.

The local government bodies regularly bring visitors too like the Court House, the County Council, Teagasc, the EPA & Agriculture at Johnstown Castle, also the Department of the Environment, Community and Local Government

We get some poets, artisits, comedians, singers, musicians with Wexford gigs afoot.

Wexford diaspora with roots to investigate or relations to visit.

We welcome bird watchers, golfers, Bass anglers, as well as tourists of all Nationalities.

Painters for the Plein Air, & year-round students of all ages from Slaney Language School, like one German lady who started a 2 week intensive immersion in English on St. Stephen's day.

Even well behaved dogs are welcome here. 

Sawday’s also go on to say “Sociable and hugely caring of her guests, she cannot possibly let you leave for the early ferry without breakfast ” well that is true, & if you don't want breakfast at 7am. how about a packed lunch?.

I think I am a bit of a perfectionist & a bit of a people-pleaser, sharing our food with my guests, whether it be baking, preserves, chutney, chili jam or Elderflower cordial, or whatever is going.

I also like to share with my guests my knowledge for our land & culture, recommending my favorite places to eat, enjoy scenery or find a session so all that enthusiasm can leave a shortage of time for the other essential components to my life.

The time-consuming nature of a one-night turnover is the primary reason I have converted my twin room into a kitchen cum dining room so guests can have a base to explore the region and be more self-reliant.

I fondly remember a party of Italian's (up Massa Carrara!) that stayed for a week in '97 and such a facility would have been perfect for them, or the Spanish families who like to prepare food for their children for a picnic or day's activities.

We hope this reduction in one-nighters will lead to an expansion into the short-stays holiday sector, and that the work-life balance will find equilibrium.

The owners; Caitriona & Theo

Well Theo has 2 other pursuits namely fire-safety & tidal energy, they captivate his time and interest, respectively.

Whereas I enjoy hospitality and all it entails but well over the half-way mark myself now I want to have more time with Theo, my parents, the wider family, make more leisure time & develop my interests and maintain the house. I really enjoy gardening a new departure since 2011 and the hens followed in February 2014. Pinioned and opinionated they entertain as well as nourish us.

Once upon a time a graduate however I failed to get past licentiate stage with my I.C.S.A. qualification, níl saoí gan locht!

I have since spent many years in hospitality services & sales; cut my teeth in NY, Cape Cod & Boston in last recession then back to Galway selling tickets to the Arainn Islands then vending rubbish from China (I cringe at the carbon foot-print) even flogging Wexford strawberries at the Willie Clancy Week to subsidise my love of culture, mar dhea. .

Now after more than 21 years B&B’ing, it's time to evolve. I did become ‘green’ somewhere along the way but now I just cook, serve, clean, grow, nurture and keep the place cosy and as ethically as possible.

In addition I buy mostly organic produce and a selection of imported goodies from my health-food shop, (supermarket where necessary) but weekly I buy a selection of produce from David Ward a recognized organic vendor and I shop weekly at the 2 Wexford Farmer's Markets.

So please come sample my hospitality while I still have a warm smile albeit, by now probably the wrinkliest of eyes and God only knows what kind of a temperament. It depends on the day the weather, moon, hormones, caffeine etc

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